The new and exciting Billy Rhinestone series is a masterful melding of young-adult fantasy, adventure, & romance with adult-level action, suspense, and mystery. You’ll connect instantly with characters so true-to-life that at times it will feel like you're looking in the mirror. You'll fall in love with some of them and ache for the demise of others–or pray for their redemption, if possible.

The reading of Billy Rhinestone will hurl you over the edge of safety into hair-raising danger.  It will jostle free the nostalgic butterflies in your stomach and set them to raving as you re-live falling in love for the first time all over again. You’ll feel the gnawing pangs of a best-friend relationship under strain, cringe at the awkwardness of teenage blunders, and groan under the anxiety of not knowing whom to trust. 

Despite your own creative imagination you’ll be blindsided by villains so uncannily evil that you'll wonder what's wrong with the author ;). Villains so real that they’ll return to haunt your dreams the minute you click off the bedside lamp.  You may even find yourself slamming the book shut in the wee hours of the night to await the security of sunlight before reopening its pages to peer into the minds of its more woeful characters.

In short, Billy Rhinestone will make you experience emotions and feel sensations you never would otherwise. And it will make you see your own universe in a thrilling new light! 

In genre, Billy Rhinestone compares with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Brandon Mull’s Fabelhaven, and Richard Paul Evans’ Michael Vey. If you loved the thrill of Richard Donner’s “Goonies” or the sobering adventures of Rob Reiner’s “Stand by Me” then you'll love Billy Rhinestone! Each novel in the series also features the dazzling art of Brandon Dorman–#1 New York Times Bestselling artist!

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Book 1 "The Fateful Find"
When Billy and his best friend Max discover bizarre gemstones on a dead man during one of their neighborhood adventures their fates are forever changed. For no sooner than the gems make contact with their flesh they begin to manifest magical characteristics.

The boys naturally begin experimenting with their newfound powers but unknowingly attract the attention of the worst enemies imaginable.  Enemies who will stop at nothing to get their stones back! 

Inexperienced as the boys are they must improvise to protect themselves, their families, and a Billy's first love from increasing perils. In so doing, however, they become unwitting key-players in a secret war against evil that’s been waging for millennia!
Book 2 "The Foreigner"
In Book 2, Billy, now a bonafide Stoneholder, is made to realize that, much like his favorite comic book heroes, his life is no longer his own. With the harrowing events of scout camp still haunting him, Billy is dragged yet deeper down the proverbial rabbit-hole as Freedman requires his devotion and newfound powers in the accomplishment of higher purposes.

Though captivated by the novelty of it all, Billy quickly finds himself stretched to terrifying new limits that bring him face-to-face with an awful reality.  The reality that he might not have what it takes! 

In his desperate quest for answers Billy uncovers only more secrets.  Some too shocking to bear! These troubling new discoveries force him to make a critical decision in whom to place his trust. But will he choose wisely? For not only his own life but the lives of those he loves most hang in the balance.